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TiAL V60D Wastegate

TiAL V60D Wastegate

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TiAL V60D Wastegate
With it’s advanced diaphragm configuration,
direct high pressure compressed gas and
CO2 controls are better supported. The
V60D, features an inverted reinforced
diaphragm capable of 8 Bar (120 PSI )
of control pressure
  • Inverted Diaphragm for direct pressure control.
  • Compact envelope, making it easier to fit in tight areas.
  • Lighter weight
  • Faster fill rates, based on collected data, it is able to fill the unit 4/10 of a second faster.
The V60D features the same high quality manufacturing of the V60.
This wastegate is finished with a deep black anodizing and will be
available with two base spring rates, 3psi and 6psi.

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